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Body Contouring

Body contouring has become a popular non-invasive treatment option for individuals who want to sculpt their face and body without surgery. Your medical history and treatment goals will be discussed during your consultation to confirm that you are an ideal candidate for this procedure.


At Adara Medical Spa, we offer advanced treatment options which all include a complete body consultation. See our various treatment options listed below.

  • Ultherapy

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  • What Is EON

    • EON® is an FDA-cleared touchless, robotic 1064nm laser device that targets superficial fat cells resulting in permanent fat reduction.

  • How It Works

    • EON heats targeted fat cells uniformly while delivering proprietary cooling technology to keep the skin cool and comfortable during the procedure.

    • Targeted fat cells begin a slow programmed cell death, known as apoptosis.

    • Once this process begins the body will dispose of these dead fat cells naturally through the lymphatic system.

    • Permanent fat reduction is achieved following 12 weeks after treatment.

  • Benefits

    • No downtime

    • Low risk of side effects

    • Safe for all skin types

    • 20-minute treatments

    • 100% personalized treatment plan

  • EON Results

    • EON results will vary. Patients typically lose 21-25% of abdominal fat after a single session, however some patients can lose up to 40% reduction. Best results are seen at 12 weeks.​​


  • What Is CoolSculpting

    • Coolsculpting is an FDA-cleared device that targets and freezes stubborn fat under the jawline, under the chin, the upper arms, back fat, bra fat, the flank area (love handles), abdomen, thighs, and under the buttocks (banana roll).

  • How It Works

    • We use cryolipolysis, otherwise known as fat freezing, to freeze the fat cells in the treated area.

    • Following an initial treatment, the body will naturally eliminate the dead fat cells, which can result in up to 20-25% reduction of stubborn fat in a treated area.

    • On average, each treatment session is as little as 35-75 minutes per cycle (treatment), depending on the area treated.

  • Benefits

    • Little to no downtime

    • Non-invasive

    • Safe for all skin types

    • 100% personalized treatment plan

  • Coolsculpting Results

    • Your body will naturally eliminate the treated fat cells. Typically, it takes 1-3 months to see results, with full results taking 6 months or more.


  • What is Ultherapy

    • Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment that stimulates the production of your body’s own collagen and elastin to lift and contour the neck, chin, and brow, and improves lines and wrinkles on the upper chest.

  • How It Works

    • Utilizes ultrasound imaging to bypass the surface of the skin and focus ultrasound energy on targeted areas to stimulate collagen.

  • Benefits

    • Nonsurgical lift

    • No downtime

  • Ultherapy Results

    • Proven results of Ultherapy can be seen within two to three months following a single treatment. Results can improve over three to six months and can last one or more years. This is a clinically proven non-invasive alternative for people not ready to have a surgical facelift.


  • What Is Kybella

    • Kybella is a non-invasive FDA approved treatment to reduce submental fullness (excess fat) under the chin, also called "double chin". Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of Kybella. The injections are formulated using deoxycholic acid, a molecule that natural occurs in our body to help dissolve excess fat.

  • How It Works

    • When injected into the targeted treatment area, Kybella effectively breaks down the excess fat cells under the skin, therefore eliminating the ability to store fat. Once these treated fat cells are destroyed, the body naturally removes them through normal metabolic processes.

  • Benefits​

    • Little to no downtime

    • Non-invasive

  • Kybella Results​

    • A noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin, revealing an improved chin profile.

    • Once destroyed, the excess fat cells cannot store or accumulate fat. Multiple treatment sessions may be necessary to reach your desired aesthetic.

    • Some patients may develop bruising, swelling and short term numbness for several days following the Kybella procedure.

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